Anylock Handle Rod 435mm

Anylock Handle Rod 435mm

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Storing Food has never been EASIER when you choose AnyLock.

From fridge to freezer, pantry and everywhere in between. with AnyLock SAVES you time and money and food storage becomes more organised and simple.

The rods are dishwasher and freezer safe and designed to be used over and over again.

AnyLock maintains the moisture, flavour and taste of food for a longer period and can prevent environmental contamination.

AnyLock should be the first thing to purchase for your pets food to keep it fresher tasting for longer. As a fact, AnyLock is used by the Royal Canin (France and Italy) and Ito Yokado (Japanese Retail Chain) as their official product.

Every pet owner or breeders biggest concern is keeping their pets food fresh and free from contamination, dust and moisture so their pet enjoys their food and it remains tasty and fresh. Once you open the packet and let the air in, the taste and flavour rapidly deteriorates. Make that a thing of the past by choosing AnyLock.

Suitable for bags up to 370mm long, and up to 10 Kg

  • Easy Steps to Lock In Freshness
  • Seal the bag and carry it along
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